Products & Services

We support the cement industries, solve the challenge of delivering higher output while reducing costs as well as the impact on the environment. We call it Sustainable Productivity; it’s what our customers are looking for, and what the world needs.

Through more than a decade, we have sold equipment, plants, and services to the cement industries. Today we sell Sustainable Productivity. In other words, our business is to provide our customers with increased output and quality, the reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and optimized productivity. To be successful at that, we build and develop our business around three strategic pillars: Life-cycle approach, full-service provider, and full flow-sheet. We are a fully established company that have all the tools required to be Productivity Provider #1 within cement category of business.

Life-cycle approach

Our unique life-cycle approach is a combination of project, product and services, and offerings. That enables us to discover sustainable productivity potential for our customers. Through analyzing and understanding performance data, we ensure more reliable and optimized operations, proactive and predictive maintenance, as well as increased uptime and guaranteed performance. In addition to offering a warranty on every single piece of equipment, we bundle equipment to offer performance guarantees on solutions or even complete plants. To our customers, this means a guaranteed return on their investment.

Full service provider

We supply everything from single products and services to complete plants and production lines, and full operation and maintenance solutions. This comes to life in our ‘Design-Build-Operate’-model (DBO. In essence, our customers are responsible for obtaining permits, getting access to raw materials, power supply, and sales, while we build, operate and guarantee an agreed level of production and performance.

Full flow-sheet

Unmatched engineering skills, technology leadership and strategic acquisitions of key products and innovations enable us to offer a full flow-sheet to the cement industries.

Our products, systems, and services constitute a large part of the value chain. Our employees have extensive knowledge of our customers’ businesses, and through early dialogue, we partner with customers and suppliers to discover potential, create the best conditions and support them in excelling at their business.

Essentially, we combine our vast experience and knowledge with analysis and the latest technology to provide our customers with insight and transparency. This empowers our customers to make the best decisions in a complex environment where productivity and sustainability is key.  As a result, the benefits are more reliable and optimized operations and a lower total cost of ownership that helps our customers on the path to long-term success.

Design Engineering and detailing

Feasibility studies for cement projects, Conceptual plant layout engineering, Civil & Structural Design engineering, Civil, Structural and architectural design engineering, Electrical and C&A detail Engineering, Design detailing & execution drawings, BOQ preparation & as-built drawings


Feasibility study of Raw grinding system, Feasibility study of Pyro processing system, Feasibility study of Coal grinding system, Feasibility study of Cement grinding system, Capacity enhancement of Raw grinding system, Capacity enhancement of Pyro processing system, Capacity enhancement of Coal grinding system, Capacity enhancement of cement grinding system, Engineering services for complete plant layouts, Energy saving services with our Expertize team and Plant Audits

Plant Services

Standard Mechanical Kiln Inspection, Comprehensive Mechanical Kiln Inspection, Grinding of kiln Tyres and supporting rollers, Alignment of Ball mills, Grinding of Ball mill trunions, Process study of Raw, Coal, Pyro and cement grinding system

Project Management

Overall Project Planning & Scheduling, Tender preparation and evaluation, Review of layout engineering, Assistance in techno-commercial, Contract management and monitoring, Project Cash flow regulations and Risk management

Procurement and Expediting

Project Procurement assistance, Subcontracting/ordering support, Expediting and inspection services, Shipping and Transport assistance, Import and Export co-ordination

Construction Management

Site infrastructure establishment guidance, Planning, scheduling, and monitoring, Site expertise supervision and quality checks, Stores Management and control, Project take over and startup assistance.